Keep Your Man Happy With These 15 Guaranteed Tips

    Part II in the Series “How To Find And Keep Your Man” How To Keep Your Man Happy Make Your Man Happy Disclaimer: You can not make someone stay with you or love you. The tips and instructions I am going to give are for two people who mutually love and care for one another. 15 Guaranteed Tips That Will Keep Your Man Happy Compliment Him : A Man likes to be told they look good, smell good, and feel good, just as much as women do. Tell him he smart, sexy, funny, hot, he’ll appreciate it. Acknowledge & Appreciate Him: Thank him for all of the nice things he…

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    How To Find And Keep A Man In 5 Easy Steps

    How To Find And Keep A Man In 5 Easy Steps   Before you can worry about how to find And  keep a man, you have to know who, what, and why. Who is the man you want in your life?, what kind of a man do you want in your life?, and why do you want that particular type of man in your life ?. Who Is The Man That You Want In Your Life? Start by writing down your Non-negotiables: These are things that you will not compromise on, must haves. * Must be financially stable * Well Groomed * Adventurous * In Great Shape * Good Sense…