Keep Your Man Happy With These 15 Guaranteed Tips

Part II in the Series “How To Find And Keep Your Man”

How To Keep Your Man Happy

Make Your Man Happy Disclaimer: You can not make someone stay with you or love you. The tips and instructions I am going to give are for two people who mutually love and care for one another.

15 Guaranteed Tips That Will Keep Your Man Happy

  • Compliment Him : A Man likes to be told they look good, smell good, and feel good, just as much as women do. Tell him he smart, sexy, funny, hot, he’ll appreciate it.
  • Acknowledge & Appreciate Him: Thank him for all of the nice things he does for you, let him know that you see how hard he’s working, let him know that you love him for trying so hard.
  • Make Time For The Bedroom: make him your sex God, make the bedroom a place of steamy, intense love making, Find out his Fantasies and act them out, watch sexy videos or look at sexy photos to think of new things you can try, take some sexy Boudoir photos and make him drool!. Keep Your Man Happy
  • Support & Nurture his Alone Time: Schedule your alone time and let him schedule his, he needs time to unwind and veg out, let him do that.
  • Think About Him When You’re out somewhere alone: Bring him back something you know he likes, if you’re getting yourself a coffee bring him one too.
  • Communicate: Never expect a man to read your mind, tell him what you like, need or want, don’t assume he knows or should know.
  • Be Open To New Experiences: you may not like every activity that he likes but try them before you say no. He loves you and may want to share some of his hobbies with you, be open to try. Also be open when it comes to your sex life, try things before you instantly say no. Keep Your Man Your Man Happy
  • Respect Your Man: Let him be a man, let him open doors and protect you from harm, let him be your superman.
  • Never, Ever, Ever, Use Sex as a Bargaining Chip, don’t threaten him with no sex if he upset you, or you had a disagreement, don’t do it, that’s a game that will turn and bite you in the ass.
  • Trust Him: don’t be insecure about other women, he’s with you, he chose you, and if you are insecure, work on that , and show him that you are one hot mama.
  • Flirt: Put your phone away and give him your undivided attention, stare at him and look into those beautiful eyes and let him know that you think he is very special.  Pinch his but when your out, touch his chest, nibble on his ear, let him know that he is the sexiest man out there.
  • Make him feel Safe: Let him know that he has you and you’re not going anywhere, let him know that he can count on you no matter what the situation.
  • Motivate him: be his cheering squad, praise him and let him know you are on his side and you got his back.
  • Show him you need him: I know we women are strong and fearless, but let your man do somethings for you, let him know that there are somethings that only he can do around the house and that’s ok. Let him.
  • Learn His Moods: lastly learn your partners moods, see what gets him upset, or emotional, or cranky, or insecure. Sometimes as women we take everything personally, when it may not be about us at all, maybe he just had a crappy day at work and he doesn’t feel like talking about it as soon as he walks in the door.




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