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Discover Your Prince Charming In The Man Next Door

Discover Your Prince Charming In The Man Next Door

Sometimes Prince Charming Is Right Next Door

I am sure you all have seen or at least heard about the magical wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“What A Beautiful Couple, Congrats”

They seem like a wonderfully happy couple. Unfortunately we can’t all marry a Prince Charming. With that said you can always fall in love and marry a special, great guy, whom to you is your Prince Charming.

Give Mr. OK A Chance, He Might Surprise You
Sometimes women are quick to overlook the guy who seems to be pretty plain or just a sweet guy. What they fail to realize is that many of those “Nice Guys”, have a little fire under their belt and they are adventurous, funny, witty and Sexy!, that’s right. That man might blow your hair right off your head. You never know what you might be missing.

A good lesson to learn is that everyone should be given a chance, worst case scenario you will have made a good friend. Being open-minded and available is a very attractive quality to have. Relationships are complexed enough, and if you are able to start off as friends and just enjoy yourself, everything will go much smoother.

Meeting Mr. Wonderful and falling in love is great, but try not to go in with a mound of expectations based on what you perceive your perfect man to be. As women we sometimes make assumptions without asking, because we want some things to be perfect so badly. Meet, laugh, have fun with no expectations, and if it works, great!, but if it doesn’t, that’s ok, there are many men out there.


There is a strong possibility that you will meet your Prince from next door, or around the corner, in the grocery store, you understand what I mean. Give it a chance and see what happens, explore the unknown.

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