Answer To All Of Your Questions Coming Soon! New Blog Intimate Relationships

Answer To All Of Your Questions, Coming Soon! New Blog Intimate Relationships

Overview Of New Blog Intimate Relationships

What Is Intimate Relationships?

Intimate Relationships is a blog that will answer all of the questions that everyone wants to know the answer to, but maybe are too afraid to ask. Every Relationship question such as, Does sex get worse after marriage?, or why did my husband cheat?, or why do teenage boys have tunnel vision where sex is concerned?.

Who Is The Author Behind This Blog?

The Author is a 52 year old single mom, with a teenage son, who has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Certified in Relationship Counseling . She loves to give advice on life and relationships, only when asked of course. She has experienced, trauma, and severe setbacks in her life, which makes her able to relate to just about every question and situation that will be discussed in this blog. When she speaks she speaks from experience, not from something she read in a book somewhere.

Why Should You Read This Blog?

What makes this blog so special that you should read it rather than another similar blog?. You should read this blog because it will tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear. She will not sugar coat anything, because the only way to heal and acknowledge whats going on is to hear it straight with no “Bull Sh…..”. Also you will never find anyone quite like this author. “Remember their is only one you, and no one can take that away”.

Where Can You Find This Blog?

You can find this blog at http://intimate-relationships.net , you can find post and interesting things on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for now, more social media outlets will be added later. You can always put a message in the comments, and you are always welcome to Like, Share and Follow on any platform you like, including on the post itself on the site.

When Can I Go To This Blog?

NOW!!!, You can start visiting the blog today, You will gradually start to see more posts and interactions, remember it is new so show it some love . Give it time to grow, I hope we can Grow it together. 😊

Here’s to the start of a great friendship

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